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Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in the first Aydin International Symposium on the Diabetic Foot, which will be held in Kusadasi, Turkey on 16-18 October 2015. and also please be informed that the optional workshop will be organised in Aydin Adnan Menderes University Hospital on October 15, 2015.

The high and growing rates of diabetes in both highly developed and low-income countries throughout the world make managing diabetic foot complications a critical public health problem.  In fact, largely because of these foot problems, every 20 seconds a person somewhere in the world undergoes a lower limb amputation as a consequence of diabetes.  In addition to the morbidity this causes, the mortality rate among these amputated diabetic patients is similar to some of the most deadly cancers.

The goals of this Symposium are to promote the discussion, sharing and dissemination of scientific knowledge related to various aspects of foot complications in persons with diabetes. This includes prevention, diagnosis, therapy and research in all aspects of the diabetic foot field.

As you know, Turkey serves as a geographic bridge between Europe and Asia. Here, we are aiming to make it an intellectual bridge as well, by bringing together experts and interested individual of all aspects of the diabetic foot from different cultures around the world. In this way we hope to cross-fertilize, and to be able to evaluate and harmonise different approaches. We aim to provide a rich scientific atmosphere to address the different aspects of the issue. Your presence, as a leader in this field, will help us reach these goals.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Kusadasi, called “The most beautiful land beneath the sky.” by no less an authority than “the father of history,” Herodotos.

Respectfully Yours,

Dr. M. Bulent ERTUGRUL
Symposium Co-Chairs

Symposium Program

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Abstract Submissions

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Honorary Presidents


Emeritus Professor of Medicine,
University of Washington, USA
Visiting Professor, Infectious Diseases,
University of Geneva, CH
Teaching Associate, Green Templeton College,
University of Oxford, UK

Prof. Dr. Samil AKTAS

President of Turkish Society of
Wound Care and Tissue Repair
President of Turkish Society of
Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine
University of Istanbul
Istanbul Medical Faculty
Department of Underwater and
Hyperbaric Medicine
Istanbul, TR

Mrs. Nazli EREN

President of Aydin Diabetic Foot Association.

Symposium Co-Chairs

Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Bulent ERTUGRUL

University of Adnan Menderes
School of Medicine
Department of Infectious Diseases
and Clinical Microbiology
Aydin, TR

Prof. Dr. Nur YAPAR

University of Dokuz Eylul
School of Medicine
Department of Infectious Diseases
and Clinical Microbiology
Izmir, TR